Aurea Aurora

The Adventure Begins

We're gonna beat the fuck out of Gus.

In the beginning…

A group of five find themselves in a tavern, just taking in the rest of the day. Things are calm until Darkhorse and his gang approach the bar. Inebriated, Darkhorse picks up a conversation with the Paladin Gorpendorf. It escalated from there and a full on brawl arises, dragging in Balthor the dwarf, Taegyn the elf, Allisto the wizard, and Sherri the cleric.

Five against three isn’t exactly a fair fight, but these aren’t exactly the most fair of people.

Naturally it catches the attention of the local guard, and Darkhorse and his buddies all have a considerable bounty on their head.

Money tends to bring people together, so the five find themselves at the Headquarters of The Golden Sun.

There they meet the oh-so-charming Felorina, who gives them their partial reward. They can get their full reward once they pick up the third bandit who had gotten away during the chaos of the brawl.

So the gang goes down to the slums for clues. There they meet Arhjan, Taegyn’s mentor and long time friend. Sheri, and her bloodhound nose describes their missing man. Arhjan points them in the direction of the stables, and to ask for a man named Gus.

Unfortunately for Gus, he has the most unpleasant interaction with the gang. After some in-fighting and arguments, – and crying and screaming from Louise and Sheila, Gus’ family – they finally settle on a happy medium. Gus is hustled out of a gold ingot (which currently resides in Gorpendorf’s codpiece where it is quite warm, and a little damp now), and offered a job at the tower. Luckily he is left in one piece, with half a sandwich waiting for him on his front door.

The gang, satisfied with their days work, decides to move on to the next mission. A little girl is missing from the town of Sky’s Landing, and it’s only a short journey over there. So they head off, only getting attacked by a couple of boars on the way.

But hey, who wants a smooth journey?



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