Aurea Aurora

5, May 2017 Campaign
Muy Caliente Pocket

Muy Caliente Pocket

The group is attacked by a bulette on the way back to Auryn. It’s an epic battle of flames, and magic, eventually the creature is deep fried (and original reciped). Gorpendorf really enjoyed himself and that gold ingot just got a little stickier.

We traumatized the horse master and got a horse for 30 gold to stop the horror that his Gorpendorf’s codpiece.

They run into Aveline at the Sexual Harassment stables and she tells him that Commander Ahkari is waiting for them to discuss the events of Sky’s Landing.

Fellarina is finally slightly wooed by Balthor. It’s gross and awkward.

At Ahkari’s office, Gorpendorf tells him about the cult. They are called the Kyltherian, and Gorp believes they are responsible for the death of his parents. Aveline joins in and tells them of their leader, who calls himself the Obsidian Fang. She also believes they are returning. The Obsidian Fang is a cult that was active about 30 years ago.

Aveline recognizes the markings once Gorp reveals his connections to the Kyltherian. Claiming she has encountered them a long time ago. Luckily they are given access to the information and resources the guard has to the case.

They are able to collect their reward so Taegyn, Gorpendorf, Balthor and Allisto get 50 gold pieces from the bounty.

As they’re about to leave, one of Taegyn’s connections calls him, telling him that Arjahn is calling for him immediately and to meet him behind The Grinning Dolphin. Taegyn grabs the group along only because he doesn’t trust most of them on their own.

At the alleyway Arhjan is pleading for Taegyn’s help about the missing kids and some of the lower class people. He tells taegyn a couple of the kids he knows, Steven and Terrance know more about it. They tell them about all the activity in The Stix; people going missing and there’s a shadowy figure looming around and moaning from Murder’s row.

Eventually they make it over to Murders’ Row by nightfall, and they gotta go in the sewers. No one is happy about it. In the sewers they encounter what sounds to be some tweaker speak, someone cackling flesh and bone over and over again.

It’s very uncomfortable.

Especially now that he turned into an oni. It’s a shitty time. Literally.

They find three kids and a vagrant all tied up. The group sets them free.

On the Oni’s body:
Bones of dead humanoids
Cloak of protection
83 Gold

In the chest:
100 Gold
Potion of healing – To balthor
Spell Scroll – disguise self
A gray bag of tricks – there’s a small fuzzy thing in it. If you throw it, it turns into an animal, only 3 until the next dawn
Tattered clothing
2 short swords, a little rusted

Next session is not until next month. the 2nd of June.
everyone gets an experience token.

Finding Leora
The boars cross the river at midnight, so I shot a Kobold through the taint.

The gang reaches Sky’s Landing, and while Allisto watches the horses, the rest of them decide to go explore the town, ask questions regarding the missing girl.

They meet with Barrett, the father of the missing girl, Leora. He tells them about Leora’s regular travels in the deep woods to get the mushrooms. There hadn’t been anything too odd until she disappeared. And after that there were whispers of strange beings in the woods, making noises and slinking around in the dark. He directs them over to David, a hunter who ran a survivalist stall just across the town square.

David is pulled into question, and seems to be quite helpful and eager even to give them a hand. He speaks of odd lizard-like creatures that roamed the woods, just skirting the deepest parts, close to where Leora collects mushrooms. He sells them a map (albeit suspiciously fresh, as noted by a few of the party members) and tells them to meet up with his group of friends that are out there hunting. He tells them to tell his friends “The boars cross the river at midnight” to let them know they’re friends.

This all seems rather suspicious, but it’s the most information they’d gotten in awhile. Taegyn is unsatisfied however, and decides to befriend and question the kids in town. The kids were also frequents to the forests. They collected lots of lizards there – all named Robert – and told Taegyn of the larger lizards they saw in the forests, along with the scary whispers and even scarier screams they heard coming from deeper in the forests.

Armed with knowledge, some food, a new bow, and book one of The Lusty Maid series, the group – sans Allisto, who volunteers to stay with the horses – travel into the forest. They eventually meet with David’s group, and unfortunately, it was all a trap. As soon as the ‘secret phrase’ was spoken, they were attacked. In the end the group was victorious, and gained a bit more knowledge of what was going on. They found claw marks and a blood trail that lead into an area of the forest, outlining the mouth of a cave.

All along the entrance were fresh blood splatter. And upon touching it, all members of the party had a vision of glowing lights and white pillars. The vision meant more to some than others. Sherri recognized the temple the pillars belonged to, Balthor heard voices of children, and Gorpendorf saw much more. Taegyn recognized nothing other than the uncomfortable feeling that washed over him.

More blood was spilled, as enemy cultists and kobolds attacked in the cave. It was a close call, but they endured, and not only were they able to rescue Leora, they discovered the beginning of something much more nefarious. Their enemies, with their dying breath, vowed the return of the artist formally known as The Black Prince.

There were two chests in the cave, rewarding them with gold, and more importantly a list of names. They were all names of children that had gone missing over the recent months, including Leora’s name and the children in the forest.

Immediately the group returns to Sky’s Landing, but at the mouth of the cave they are stopped by Aveline , an Investigator working with The Golden Dawn and her troupe. Taegyn is suspicious of them, and tries to convince the group to leave to get Leora home, but Balthor decides to tell Aveline nearly the whole story, and almost gives up the list they found, but decides to just let her have a copy. Eventually they return to the town and return Leora to her father. Barret is forever grateful and gives the group his own reward of gold to the group as well as several meat pies as well as letting them stay the night in his home to rest.

Taegyn immediately warns the farmer and his children of their discovery in the woods and warns them to stay away from the forest for awhile. He then searches for David, but his stall is empty and he’s no where to be find. After asking around, they discover that David is probably on his way back to Aurynn. Taegyn searches his stall for some more clues and finds a flyer for a place called The Briarthorne Inn in Aurynn.

So the group begin their journey back to Aurynn to search for David, and maybe learn more about this Black Prince.

The Adventure Begins
We're gonna beat the fuck out of Gus.

In the beginning…

A group of five find themselves in a tavern, just taking in the rest of the day. Things are calm until Darkhorse and his gang approach the bar. Inebriated, Darkhorse picks up a conversation with the Paladin Gorpendorf. It escalated from there and a full on brawl arises, dragging in Balthor the dwarf, Taegyn the elf, Allisto the wizard, and Sherri the cleric.

Five against three isn’t exactly a fair fight, but these aren’t exactly the most fair of people.

Naturally it catches the attention of the local guard, and Darkhorse and his buddies all have a considerable bounty on their head.

Money tends to bring people together, so the five find themselves at the Headquarters of The Golden Sun.

There they meet the oh-so-charming Felorina, who gives them their partial reward. They can get their full reward once they pick up the third bandit who had gotten away during the chaos of the brawl.

So the gang goes down to the slums for clues. There they meet Arhjan, Taegyn’s mentor and long time friend. Sheri, and her bloodhound nose describes their missing man. Arhjan points them in the direction of the stables, and to ask for a man named Gus.

Unfortunately for Gus, he has the most unpleasant interaction with the gang. After some in-fighting and arguments, – and crying and screaming from Louise and Sheila, Gus’ family – they finally settle on a happy medium. Gus is hustled out of a gold ingot (which currently resides in Gorpendorf’s codpiece where it is quite warm, and a little damp now), and offered a job at the tower. Luckily he is left in one piece, with half a sandwich waiting for him on his front door.

The gang, satisfied with their days work, decides to move on to the next mission. A little girl is missing from the town of Sky’s Landing, and it’s only a short journey over there. So they head off, only getting attacked by a couple of boars on the way.

But hey, who wants a smooth journey?

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